You will be able to work with several market segments, whether it is with only one store or a cluster of stores.

You will be able to configure clusters according to the strategy you define, taking into account your business, your competition, and your customer service model in order to reach the execution goal of the perfect store.

You will also be able to use dimensions such as Channel, SES, Size, Collaborative/Non-Collaborative Customer, and any other aspects in order to differentiate your business.


ISI enables you to communicate efficiently, providing each role with the information they need and doing so in such a way as to ensure that messages are conveyed to the right people and place.

Visual communication aids greatly simplify the task of the people in charge, and in case you have any difficulties with the execution, ISI will recommend alternative actions to help you reach a final decision.

You will have access to a state-of-the-art Web site via your smartphone, PC or tablet. You will receive information along with actions to be carried out. The comparison between the concept of the perfect store vs. the reality of the market will generate lists of corrective and preventive actions.

ISI can process data from audits and on-site sales that will enable you to create a list of tasks and send it to every sales person or sales/store manager via mobile. This way, you will know what to do at the point of sale in order to transform the actual store into the perfect store.


You will be able to train your sales force, supervisors, shelf-stackers/stock personnel, and merchandisers efficiently, using the several renderings created by ISI STUDIO based on your perfect store concept, planograms, brand hierarchy, equipment positioning, hard and soft goods.

Segmentación - Comunicación - Capacitación

Work with several market segments.

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Sergio López | Consultant