Asset Management

ISI manages your application for installing assets the smart way, taking into account availability, quotas per organizational structure from your application to the correct installation at the point of sale, and considering the type of applicant in order to filter by store type, socioeconomic status and sales volume, among other factors.

ISI also enables you to have a detailed record of all activities involved, from your application to the correct installation. This is another example of the intelligent store management functionalities offered by ISI. This way, the system will generate internal performance metrics for Sales, Marketing and Trade Marketing managers, installation providers, etc.

The system will activate recurring preventive tasks such as checking refrigeration equipment, fountains and dispensers, and verifying the condition of the plotting. This also includes maintenance tasks.

Know how much your perfect store will cost you beforehand. ISI will calculate this value based on the store number by segment, the value of materials/products, and the execution concept that you have designed in each case.

This will enable you to tailor your designs to your budget to get a perfect fit.

You will also be able to manage repairs, replacements, and transfers with a record of costs per unit.

Manage your application for installing assets the smart way.

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Sergio López | Consultant