You will be able to define the set of indicators that best represents your business.

You will also be able to monitor execution, detecting instances of non-compliance by category, channel, chain, etc., and finding the bigger flaws.

ISI will enable you to create specific indexes, such as an execution index. Not only you will be able to define the basic elements for this indicator, but also what percentage of the indicator is represented by each element. For example, you will be able to determine a PEI (Perfect Execution Index) for your business, where correctly displayed prices represent 20% of the index, the portfolio represents 35%, the presence of refrigerator equipment for a specific category (such as beer) represents 35%, and invasion represents 10%.

Based on this indicator, you will be able to determine the effect of non-compliance on the total index. This will result in tasks to be carried out by the different participating areas or departments.

All this will determine how close you are from your Perfect Store. Information can come from any source – audit, sales, surveys, etc. All this information will be processed, and indicators will be calculated for each store, role or group that you need.


All indicators integrated in only one dashboard.

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Sergio López | Consultant